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Gratz Fair results

Posted by Tammy Clark on September 19, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Hi to all,

Another fair is under our belt, Gratz Fair in Gratz, Pennsylvania and we had 10 rabbits entried and did a great job. Since it was a fair all the same breeds are judged together no matter what the colors are.  They were just separeted into Buck Srs, Buck Jrs., Doe Srs. and Doe Jrs.  Here is how we did:

Flemish Giants: Rosario, REW Int. Buck took 2nd and our own County Line's Big Boy, REW Int. Buck took 1st and Best of Breed, this is one flemish that was left out of a litter that didn't sell so we decided to keep him. We also took him to the West Branch Rabbit Show in Mill Hall, PA 9/4/2011 and he took Best of Variety in the Flemish Speciality Show and earned a leg. Not bad for a 5 month old and already goes 12 pounds.

Himalayans:  Hemi, Black Buck Sr. took 1st and Best of Breed, Carmel, Chocolate Buck Sr. took 2nd and Nick, Blue Buck Sr. took 3rd;  Blizzard, Black Doe Sr. took 1st and Best Opp. Sex and Star, Black Doe Sr., took 2nd.

English Spots: County Line's S3, chocolate buck Jr., took 2nd, Our Gold English Spot Buck Jr. took 1st and Best Opp. Sex; Our Gold English Spot Doe Jr., took 1st and Best of Breed.  These three will need names just have to figure out what they will be and will than pictures will have get taken and I'll get them on the English Spot page.

This is our last fair of the year since one fair has been cancaled do to the resent flooding in the area.  We were planning on showing 35 rabbits at the Bloomsburg Fair, Bloomsburg, PA next week but because of flooding the fair will not be held.  The Bloomsburg area has been devastated along with our areas surrounding it. Allot of people have lost their homes and it was a hard decision the fair board had to make weather to have the fair or not. Not only the community has allot of work to do to clean up but also the Bloomsburg Fair grounds have allot of cleaning still to be done.  Don't worry it will be cleaned and the fair will go on next year! and we will be there.

With the cancelation of the Bloomsburg Fair we are now able to go to another show on September 25th and will let you know how we do there.

Till next time.

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