County Line Rabbitry

Breeding and raising quality rabbits

Rabbit Hopping has come to County Line Rabbitry!!

We are enjoying teaching our rabbits to use the jumps.  This is County Line's Andy, who didn't take long to catch on! In fact once he starts he is hard to stop. Enjoy the video


County Line Rabbitry is a small family owned rabbitry, Tammy, Kimberly, Derek and Sean Clark.

We are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, on the border of Columbia and Montour counties, hence the name.

Our collection of rabbits started off with just a few "pet" rabbits for the kids and now is home to a variety of different rabbits.


From the giants (Flemish Giants and Giant Chinchillas)


to the smaller size (Himalayans, Havanas and Thriantas) 


you will also find a few rare breeds like the Americans, Cinnamons, and Rhinelanders at our rabbitry also.


We also have horses, both mini and full size, chinchillas, cats, dogs and turtles.


Please have a look around our website to see all our rabbits. Thank you for stopping by and if you see anything you are interested in drop me an email.

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