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The Rhinelander was developed by a postmaster in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, around 1900. The breed got its start from a cross between a Harlequin buck and a common gray-checkered doe and from a separate pairing between a Harlequin buck and a Checkered Giant doe. Using a buck from the first cross, who resembled a Rhinelader, and a doe from the second pairing, the breeder began to develop his vision. He bred the best examples from each litter and crossed the best does back to Harlequin bucks. In so doing he succeeded in producing the Rhinelander, and in 1905 the breed was given a standard in Germany. the Rhinelander was first brought to the United States in 1923 and was recognized as a breed in 1924. By 1932, he was no longer found in the United States. Some experts have speculated that the breed died out due to the difficulties in breeding a rabbit who met the breed standard or because people preferred the more popular Checkered Giant. Rhinelanders were again imported into the United States in 1972 and in 1975, the breed was once more accepted into the ARBA Book of standards. The Rhinelander is considered a "watch" breed by the ALBC (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) because there are fewer than 200 annual registrations in the United States and an extimated global population of fewer than 2,000.  " Good Rabbitkeeping, A comprehensive Guide to all Things Rabbit" by Sue Fox


I Have a few new does to get pictures of



I have a new buck I need to get pictures of

Name: Imagination's Sunny

Birth Date: November 14, 2009

Show Wins:   As a Senior:

                              1st at Bloomsburg Fair, Bloomsburg, PA 9/25-10/2/2010 also took Best Opp. Sex

                              7th at Central PA Rabbit Breedes Assoc., State College, PA  10/24/2010

                              2nd at Tri-Co. Rabbit Club of PA, State College, PA  10/24/2010

                              6th at Tri-Co. Rabbit Club of PA, State College, PA  6/5/2011

                              6th at Centrral PA Rabbit Breeders Assoc., State College, PA  6/5/2011


NAME: County Line's Andy

Color: Black

Date of Birth:

Show Wins:   As a Junior:

                        1st at Central Pa. Rabbit Breeders Assoc., Huntingdon, PA 9/25/ 2011 Also took Best of Breed and earned a leg

                        1st at Tri-Co. Rabbit Club of PA, Huntingdon, PA  9/25/2011 also took Best of Breed and earned a leg                        


Member of ARBA

Proud feeder of Purina Brand Feed


  • "Tammy kept in touch with us until her kits got big enough to leave. We got a Black english spot named Flower. My son loves her and can't wait till next year to join 4-h to show..."
  • "I recently purchased 2 bunnies from Tammy, 1 Himalayan doe and 1 Californian cross buck. Both bunnies are healthy and friendly and settled into my rabbitry with no problems. Bot..."
    Satisfied customer
  • "I purchased a Steel Flemish Giant Doe a few days ago from Tammy, and I am very happy with the purchase! She gets along great with my other two rabbits, and I named her Midget. S..."
    Happy Flemish Giant Owner

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