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We are in the process of redoing our rabbitry here are some of the before pictures. More pictures will be posted after we are done moving hutches and rabbits around. 


We moved the goat fence back so that we can make two rows of hutches.  Rabbit hutches everywhere! 


Some of the hutches need repaired, than they will be moved into place. When the weather warms again they will get a fresh coat of paint.


This is where the first of our rabbits were housed but we out grew it. We still have rabbits here and I would like to add a roof one day

The cages on the back wall are made out of pallets that were taken apart.


There is another set of cages just like this one that will go on the other side and I'll walk down the center to feed. There will be a roof put on at some point.




Rabbit huches all lined up in a row, just walk down the center and feed and water.


Looks good!   Now all they need is a coat of paint when it gets a little warmer out!  Pictures will be post when the paint job is done!

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  • "Tammy kept in touch with us until her kits got big enough to leave. We got a Black english spot named Flower. My son loves her and can't wait till next year to join 4-h to show..."
  • "I recently purchased 2 bunnies from Tammy, 1 Himalayan doe and 1 Californian cross buck. Both bunnies are healthy and friendly and settled into my rabbitry with no problems. Bot..."
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  • "I purchased a Steel Flemish Giant Doe a few days ago from Tammy, and I am very happy with the purchase! She gets along great with my other two rabbits, and I named her Midget. S..."
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