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When litters are born, I will post pictures of them here


Flemish Giant:  Martini (Steel Grey) to Thor (Blue)   Born 3/22/2012   Seven in all  3 white, 2 blue and 2 black



These are Martini's babies at a week old 3/28/2012. She is fostering two American babies they are the ones in the second picture in the front on either side of the black one. She is a great mother to all nine of them and they are all doing well!


Martini's babies at 4 weeks old  4/18/2012   We did loose one white flemish and one American that she was fostering.

American Chinchilla:  Meg to Hercules   born 3/22/2012   Six in all



Meg's babies at a week old 3/28/2012


Meg's babies  2 weeks old   4/7/12


Meg's babies at 4 weeks old  4/18/2012

Giant Chinchilla: Jacqualine to Les   Born 3/23/2012   had four but lost two

Jacqualine's babies at a week old 3/28/2012


Jacqualine's babies two weeks old  4/7/2012

Jacqualine's babies at 4 weeks old  4/18/2012

American:   Saffron to Amandus    Born 3/23/2012  I five in all



Saffron's babies at a week old 3/28/2012


Saffron's babies at two weeks 4/7/2012


Saffron's babies 4 weeks old  4/18/2012

Thrianta: Ruthie to Fireball   Born 4/6/2012   three in all


Ruthie's babies at 2 weeks of age 4/18/2012


Ruthie's babies at 3 weeks of age  4/30/12

American Chinchilla:  Mary to Hercules  born 4/6/2012   Not sure how many and she is also fostering four havanas  (She is very protective so I will give her a little bit and than do a head count)


Mary's babies at 2 weeks of age. We lost some of the litter and I believe there are 6 left. The litte brown on on the right is a Havana that she is fostering.

Lilac:   Flower to Rhett  born 4/6/2012  I believe there are five in all



Flower's babies at 2 weeks of age


Flower's babies at 3 weeks of age  4/30/12

English Spots: Clover (Black) to Jaspter (Gold)  born 4/6/2012   five in all



Clover's babies at 2 weeks of age. She lost two from the litter and has three left, a marked chocolate and black and a solid black


Clover's babies at 3 weeks of age,4/30/12 Chocolate marked, black marked and a solid black

Thrianta: Jem to Fireball  Born 4/6/2012   Three in all  They are a week and a half old in these two pictures 4/18/2012



Jem's babies at 3 weeks of age 4/30/12

English Spot:  Blossom (Lilac) to S3 (chocolate)  Born 4/11/2012  They are a week old in these pictures 4/18/2012



Blossom's babies at 3 weeks of age  4/30/12 

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  • "Tammy kept in touch with us until her kits got big enough to leave. We got a Black english spot named Flower. My son loves her and can't wait till next year to join 4-h to show..."
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