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Allentown Fair Results

Posted by Tammy Clark on September 2, 2011 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Now for the Allentown Fair Results let was judge 8/29/2011

Havanas: Black Buck Sr.  Exavier took 2nd and Blade took 1st and BOV

                   Blue Buck Sr., Blue took 1st and Best of Breed

                   Broken Buck Sr:  Lakota took 1st and BOSV

                  Broken Doe Sr:  Pearl took 3rd, Bitter Sweet took 2nd and Cocco took 1st and Best Opp. Sex

American Chinchilla:  Doe Jr:  Mary took 2nd and Jane took 1st and Best of Breed

Palomino Buck Jr: P3B took 1st and Best of Breed

                   Doe Jr: P4D took 1st and Best Opp. Sex

Giant Chinchillas Doe Sr:  Madaline took 2nd and Princess took 1st and Best of Breed


I have a few new rabbits listed and need to get pictures of them taken and pages updated. I have allot of updating to do once the next couple of shows are over, I will have a little time to do some pictures and updating.

Till next time. You all take care


Northumberland County Fair Wins

Posted by Tammy Clark on September 2, 2011 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Two fairs behind us and two yet to go and also a rabbit show September 4th.  We had a great time at the Northumberland County Fair in Sunbury, PA on August 27, 2011. It was a carrier in show and we had allot more peole and rabbits than last year, rough count there was at least 100 rabbits compared to last year when there was only about 40.  How did we do, we did awesome! three of my bucks where in the top three for Best Buck in Show. Our home breed and rasied REW Flemish Giant Buck Jr. took Champion Buck and our American Chinchilla, Hercules, took Reserve Champion and our American Sable that we got from Kelsie at Cross Hare's Rabbitry was third!  Thanks Kelse for the American Sables!  Now for the results of the other rabbits we showed that day, since it is a smaller show all the colors in one breed were shown together, they were not broken down into colors so all the solids and brokens were shown in one class. They still showed Buck Sr., Jr., or Int. and Doe Sr., Int. or Jr. and broken into you different breeds.

English Spots:  Buck Sr. Bear(black)  took 1st and Damon(Black)  took 2nd

                            Buck Jr.; HA5(Black) took 3rd, Lou(Lilac) took 2nd and S2(chocolate) took 1st and also Best Opp. Sex

                           Doe Sr: Clover(Black) took 3rd, Blossom (Lilac) took 2nd and Breeze (Chocolate) took 1st and Best of Breed

                           Doe Jr: C3D(Black) took 2nd and HA3 (Black) took 1st

Palomino: Buck Sr. Clyde took 1st and Best Opp. Sex, Doe Sr. Bonnie took 1st and Best of Breed, Buck Jr. P3B took 1st and Doe Jr. P4D took 1st

Giant Chinchillas: Doe Sr:  Claribel  took 3rd, Jacqualine took 1st and Best of Breed and Madaline took 2nd

Flemish Giants: Doe Int. Bella took 1st and Best Opp Sex.,  Buck Int. Rosa took 1st and Buck Jr.  18CL took 1st and Best of Breed also took Champion Buck

Americans:  Doe Sr:  Saffron took 3rd,  Sage took 2nd and Page took 1st and Best of Breed.   Buck Sr. Amandous took 1st and Best Opp Sex

American Chinchillas: Buck Int. Hercules took 1st and Best of Breed also took Reserve Chamption Buck

                                         Doe Int. Meg took 1st and Best Opp. Sex

                                        Doe Jr:   Mary took 3rd, Hera took 2nd and Jane took 1st

American Sable Buck Jr:  Ranger toook 1st and Best of Breed


It was a great time for all and can't wait till next year to see how much it grows again!

Montour Delong Fair

Posted by Tammy Clark on August 18, 2011 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The first of the fairs that we are entering is just about over and had our rabbit judging yesterday, Aug. 17th.  There was a total of 23 rabbits at the fair, this is a small fair which makes it allot more fun, you get to know all those that show animals, cows, goats, sheep and rabbits.  Since the fair is a small fair the rabbits are four class in judging: Buck Sr., Buck Jr., Doe Sr. and Doe Jr. and it is open to 4H and  open youth, under 19. My son entered two of our rabbits in the open youth, a buck jr (rhinelander) and a doe jr. (black english spot)  both of these we bred ourselves. There were a total of five rabbits in each of his classes for the buck jr., he placed 2nd, the judge really liked him but the dutch that he place 1st was an awesome dutch!  Our english spot didn't do so well, with the hot week we had all the rabbit where not eating like they should and the doe english spot lost some weight and just wasn't in the best condition she could have been, she place 5th. Again the judge liked her markings and body but she was a little thin and he said with the weather we have been having it is understandable, a few of the other rabbits in the other classes were the same way.   With one fair down, we have four more to go and a rabbit show. Northumberland County Fair , Aug. 27th, and Allentown Fair, Aug 28th are the next in line, will let you all know how we do there.

Stay cool


What been happening

Posted by Tammy Clark on August 10, 2011 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello All,

It's been awhile since I last posted so lets see if I can get you up to date and what has been going on.  We had week of very hot weather and we lost some of our rabbits to the heat. I guess no matter how hard you try things just seem to still happen. A few of the ones we lost were some of the hard to find breeds but I'm sure I will find replacements for them soon.  We have added a few new rabbits to our rabbitry a pair of Lilacs, another pair of Palominos, a trio of Am. Chinchillas and two American Sable bucks.  I will have to get pictures of them and up on the website.

We are getting ready for the fairs that are going to start in the next few weeks. Have a few last minute entries to get in and than have allot of toe nails to trim before the fairs! We let you all know how we do.

I have also purchase another new rabbit, Flemish Giant Cross (Big Girl) for a project we are going to work on.  Some have already started to work on a Broken Pattern in the Flemish Giant, so we are going to start working on them here at our rabbitry. Big Girl is white and orange (pictures can be seen on the Photo Album page), wieghts 12.1 lbs and 18 months all. She has already had 3 litters with 10 in each litter but was breed to New Zealands for meat.  Big Girl is diffinetly part Flemish Giant so this will give me a little less work but still will not be easy to do. We plan on giving her time to settle in and than breed her to one of our full Flemishes and see what we get. Orange is not a flemish color so this color will have to be culled out. We will select the best out of this litter and keep to breed back to the flemishes and keep doing this until we get what we are looking for.  Will keep you all posted on how this project is doing.

Well I think that is about all that's been happening, at least that I can remember.  Till next time, you all stay cool in the heat and enjoy your rabbits!


State College Rabbit Show results 6/5/2011 Show A

Posted by Tammy Clark on July 12, 2011 at 5:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Well I finally got the results of the first show at State College, PA in the mail and here is how we did:

American: Amandous, Sr. Buck, took 1st; Page, Sr. Doe took 1st and BOS; and Seaweed, Jr. Buck took 4th

Cinnamon:  Leroy, Sr. Buck, took 4th and Zeva, Sr. Doe took 3rd

Flemish Giant:  Black Beauty took 1st and BOV; Bella, Jr. Lt. Grey Doe, took 1st and BOSV; Rosa, Jr. White buck, took 1st

Rhinelander: Sunny took 6th and Jake took 3rd, both Sr. Bucks;  Abby, Sr. Doe, took  5th

Thrianta: Julio took 1st and BOS, FireBall took 4th and Red Devil took 2nd, all Sr. Bucks;  Red Hot, Sr. Doe, took 3rd

Not bad, I think.   Now for a little break before the few fairs that are coming up and a few shows too.  I really need to get pictures of the new rabbit we have picked up over the last few months. Maybe I will get them taken over the little break between shows.  Till next time.


Upcoming Shows

Posted by Tammy Clark on July 8, 2011 at 3:16 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey to all!   It will be a busy few months coming up, we have a few fairs coming up that we will be show rabbits at, along with a rabbit show in between. We will be attending the Montour-Delong Fair August 15-20, Northumberland County Fair August 27th, Allentown Fair August 28-Sept. 5, West Branch Rabbit Breeders Show, Mill Hall, PA September 4th and than the Bloomsburg Fair September 25-Oct. 1. Will be looking at other shows also and see what we might be able to fit in between the fairs. 

We had a litter of Blue Flemish Giants born on July 4th and they all go doing well.  I am uncertain how many there are because everytime I count I get different amounts! LOL first time there were 10 and than I counted and got 12.  Had my daughter count and she got 12, 10 and 13!  I'll have to get out there and get a good count but the days since their birth have been very HOT, so I didn't want to mess with them to much and I wanted to give mom time to settle in with them. She is a very good mom and getting extra goodies so she will have plenty of milk. This is one time I wish the other Flemish would have had her litter so that I might have been able to foster a few but as of now Opal has not given birth.

That's the latest going on here and still have plenty of English Spots and Lilac for sale, so if you are looking for some new rabbits take a look and give me a call or an email.

Have a great day


State College Rabbit Show results 6/5/2011

Posted by Tammy Clark on July 2, 2011 at 12:34 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello!  It has been awhile since I posted but it has been a little busy around here and it's been hard finding time to keep things current on the website.  We were to another rabbit show in June at State College, PA and I just got in the mail today the results of Show B. I wasn't sure on a few of the placements so wanted to wait till I got the report in the mail. Show B was with Central Pennsylvania Rabbit Breeders Association and the results are as follow: 

American we placed 3rd with Amandous, Sr. Blue Buck, 2nd with Page, Sr. Blue Doe and 7th with Seaweed, Jr Blue Buck.  There were quiet a few Americans there. 

Cinnamons we took 4th with Sr. Buck and 3rd with Sr. Doe, their color were not as dark as they would  have liked them to be, I'm trying to get find a few darker ones so that I can breed and hopfully have some nice kits. 

Flemish Giants: Black Beauty, Black Sr. Buck took 1st and Best Opp. of Variety, IzaBella, Lt. Gray Jr. Doe took 1st and Best Opp. of Vairety and Rosa, white jr.  buck took 4th.  The last two are new ones and will be getting pictures soon. "Rosa" was suppose to be a doe but had a sex change on us after we had "her" for about a month! Will have to rename "him"

Rhinelanders: Sunny took 6th and Jake took 5th both sr. bucks. Abby, sr. doe took 9th.  There are allot of Rhinelanders there at the show and the judge was very impressed with the quailty of stock showed.

Thriantas: Red Devil took 1st and Best Opp. of Breed, Fireball took 4th and our new one, Julio took 3rd, all are sr. bucks.  RedHot, Sr. Doe, took 2nd. 

We were hoping to get a few legs but didn't have enough in classes for that,  just lacking one more exhibotor in  a few of them!  Not a bad show day, had a great time and that is what counts. Still waiting on Show A results in the mail to make sure I get the placements right and when I get them I will post how we did there.  Time for me to check on some bunnies, it is getting a little warm out and want to make sure they are have plenty of water. I have two rabbits that are due to kindle and I was hoping for a little cooler weather but not much we can do with the weather. Till next time. Have a great 4th of July weekend!!


Leesport, PA Rabbit Show 5/14/2011

Posted by Tammy Clark on May 16, 2011 at 10:49 AM Comments comments (0)

Another rabbit show under our belt, we took 11 rabbits all together and had a great time.  We scratched three of our rabbits, two himalayans because they had smut on them that hasn't sheded out yet, didn't see the smut till we got down there. We left our new REW Flemish doe at home because she scratch her back on something and the hair hasn't grown back yet so we decided not to take her.  We didn't do to bad with the ones we took.  Kim's himalayans took two seconds, her black flemish Buck Sr.  took 1st and BOV and her light grey flemish Jr. doe took 1st.  I only took my Americans for this show and my blue Jr. buck took 3rd and my sr. blue buck and doe took BOB and BOSB! Only trouble I can't remember which one took what, LOL!! I will have to wait till the result come in the mail, I guess I was to excited that they took BOB and BOSB over 14 other ones that I didn't matter at the time!  So all in all it was a good day.  We came home with a few new rabbits also. Kim bought two Thriantas that we hope will add a little darker color to our line we have now. She also come home with a Blue Flemish Giant doe, Guess I'll be making more pens this week!  Our next show will be State College, PA on June 5th, it is a double show and we will be taking a few more different rabbits to this one. Guess I better go work on those pens!  Till next time. Tammy

What's been happening

Posted by Tammy Clark on May 11, 2011 at 5:53 AM Comments comments (0)

It's been a little bit since I posted anything here, figured it was time I did.  Been busy repairing rabbit pens since it hasn't been raining here the last and things are finally drying up, No Mud!!   All my litters are doing well and growing, they are starting to eat pellets and are very active.  There are some nice looking English Spots and I can't wait to start sexing them.  I made a trip to Maryland on Mother's Day to pick up some American Chinchillas to add to the rabbitry. They are 8 wks old and have to two breeding pairs, can't wait to start showing them. Speaking of shows we have one coming up this weekend  (May 14th) in Leesport, PA. We will be taking some Flemish Giants, can't wait to see how our two newest ones do,  Americans and Himalayans, that should keep us busy!  Our next show will be in June at State College, PA, still haven't decided who we will take to that show. I think it will depend on how much help we will have. I would like to take several more breeds than we usually do but when you have allot of different breeds it sometimes hard to keep track of where they all are!    It looks like another nice day outside so I'm going to sign off and get going. Have a few rabbit pens to build for the new rabbits, never ending building those pens is it?!    Enjoy these sunny days before the next rain comes.  Tammy

Litters doing well

Posted by Tammy Clark on April 27, 2011 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Had a bad storm go through last night and I was a little worried about the litters because the wind was blowing the rain sideways!   This morning I'm happy to say that all the litters are okay.  Instead of heading for the barn first to feed the cow, goats and horses, like I usually do, I walked down the isle of hutches to check on everyone and everyone was dry and doing well!   Than I had a surprise when I started feeding, two of our "pet" rabbits were pulling hair, I had them down as having kits next week!  Either they are early or I wrote down the wrong dates!   One is our California X, Snowball, we breed her to our Creme D'Argent and I believe the kits are all black!? but Snowball came after me so I'm not to sure on how many or the exact color of them, will check on them later.  Our other pet, Chocolate, is pulling hair and when I checked on her she was a little nasty too but I don't think she had any yet.  Well keep you updated on their litters. Time to do a little bit of clean-up outside before the next storm comes.


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